July 21, 2014

Benny's Nautical 1st Birthday Party!

My son Benny celebrated his 1st birthday (or as I like to call it, the 12 months party!) a few weekends ago at our local beach club in town! It was so much fun getting everything together for his nautical party with our family!

Every year I want Benny to have a special cake. I designed this cake for him and had our local bakery, The Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, NJ make it for us! Inside was strawberry shortcake!

Invitations were designed by me. My favorite part was designing the envelope liner! 

 The wooden sign was so much fun to make! I hot glued wood chips of beachy things and stuck the sign in a bucket full of sand.

Shark cupcakes! Mmmmm! They didn't last long! I purchased the shark fins at TheLilDetails on etsy.

Goldfish marshallow pops were a hit! I ordered them at BubbasSweets on etsy

My older sister made these cookies and I couldn't have been more excited to see how much love she put into these! Thanks Kimmy!

Loving this cake!

Opening gifts on his beach chair :)

Ben's new bike we got him! He loves taking it everywhere!

My Family with our birthday boy :)

I can't believe he is a year old already! My husband and I really wanted to enjoy this special moment with Benny and we sure did! I'm excited to put together my Shutterfly book for his 1st birthday!

If you have any questions about where I got anything, comment below!

June 18, 2014

Freshly Picked Giveaway and Bonus Rubber Stamp Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am super excited to offer this giveaway today from Freshly Picked plus a Bonus one too you'll find below from us at Brittany Lauren Design! Freshly Picked hand makes baby moccasins with so many amazing colors to pick from right here in the USA! (They also just started carrying diaper bags too!) I've seen the shoes a few times before across mom blogs and on Instagram but it wasn't until I watched the Shark Tank episode that featured Susan Petersen, the owner's story of how she created her company, that really took my interest. Not only did I fall in love with her shoe collection but also the heart of Susan. She pushes for the American Dream. I love her passion for what she does and her spirt of entrepreneurship. 

A couple of months ago, Freshly Picked sent me over a pair for Benjamin to enjoy and for me to review. I picked Prince George, a darker blue for him and couldn't wait for them to arrive!

1. Craftsmanship: The minute I took them out of the drawstring bag they were packaged in, I could tell how durable and wonderfully handmade they are. Highest of quality, sturdy and soft leather that I know will last till the next shoe size and beyond for another baby. The only two things I would like to change is as Ben gets older and is walking (scary to think at the moment!) I would like for them to offer shoes with tread on the bottom. Right now the soft sole is perfect for my beginner walker! As far as design, I would love to see a pair without the frill :)

2. Color: I love the assortment of delicious colors to pick from on their website! So many are limited edition and it's fun to see what color they will pick next season!

3. Easy: It was so easy to get Benjamin's feet in these shoes. I can't tell you how hard it is sometimes to get his foot in other pairs because the elastic doesn't stretch around his cute chubby feet. These are perfect pair for my little guy who is learning how to walk but really is just standing and crawling at the moment. And when they are on, they stay ON! No missing shoes here.

4. Customer Service: This is a big one for me. The Freshly Picked team replied to emails fast and even sent me a thank you card in the mail for hosting a giveaway. Just fabulous people to work with! So friendly! They truly treat each customer like gold.

Guess what! Now it's your turn to try and win a pair from Freshly Picked in the color and size you like!

Bonus Giveaway! You can also win a return address rubber stamp of your choice from my updated stamp collection at Brittany Lauren Design. For busy mama's on the go, make sending mail more enjoyable and easy!

Please enter here using the Rafflecopter widget below: 

Be sure to leave a comment of what color you like from Freshly Picked and the stamp that you would like from our design collection! 

Good luck! 

June 3, 2014

The Blue Lobster

Dare to be different.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, time well spent with family and friends! It's been a long time since I've blogged. I have been so busy here at Brittany Lauren Design getting out orders and making proofs for lots of great customers! I wanted to share something I added to my logo a few weeks ago. The blue lobster. Did you know there is a one in two million chance of catching one? Pretty neat! I remember hearing a story when I was little about my parents seeing a blue lobster on their honeymoon at Martha's Vineyard and always thinking it was cool because it was different from the rest. I guess that story stayed with me even in adult hood as my career took a out of the ordinary path from working in the corporate world to starting a business from scratch. More about that later.
I didn't just add it to show my enormous love for Maine or because I think it's cute hanging from my name. It has purpose and represents what I stand for. In fact, I think it sends a very positive message that it's okay to be different and showcase your style. I strive to create something fun and unique in my online shop for you. I love when customers pick out colors to match their theme or be asked to tweak a design so it can match their story/personality better. Custom orders are welcomed! My hope and mission is that Brittany Lauren Design stands out from our designs, high quality material and customer service. I feel very fortunate that I am able to design a job from home that I love and also create a unique lifestyle that allows me to raise my son, Benny and not miss moments that matter the most to my heart.

Thank you for letting me be a part of something special for you. 

May 10, 2014

Lobster Dip Recipe - YUM!

Happy weekend everyone! Summer isn't far away and I thought I would share a favorite dip in our house to serve to your family and friends so you can kick off the season right! The only thing better to enhance extra enjoyment would be serving it on Nantucket Island :) A girl can dream!